About Us

Styleteq is the first app designed specifically to help create an even playing field for professionals in the grooming industry. Whether you’re fresh out of Barber or Cosmetology School, have a large or small following, are introverted or extroverted, Styleteq lets your work and your business speak for itself. Need a booth rented? Browse booth rent amounts and pictures of the shops that are in the area you may want to work in.

Styleteq was created by Entrepreneur and Hampton University graduate Leodus Thomas Jr. when he observed the frustration Barbershop and Salon owners had in keeping all of their available stations filled with good people in order to collect booth rent. After research, not only were there no services to help this problem, but there was also a huge problem professionals had in promoting themselves.

“Cards and selling yourself can only show so much.”

Founded in Chicago, Styleteq is spreading out to major cities all over the United States. It’s designed to not only get the professionals new clients, but also help retain the old one and those that are inactive. For their followers, professionals can post Specials and showcase new talents they may have acquired.

“It’s important to stay open to learning new skills and it’s important to keep the clients engaged.”

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Styleteq Corporation
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