Never lose a client and stay booked daily.

Eliminate trial and error by browsing the work of professionals before setting an appointment.

We connect professionals and clients.

Styleteq is a promotional tool that connects clients to professionals and professionals to shop owners through photosharing. Never lose a client again by posting your new whereabouts to your followers with the click of a button. If you're new professional to a city, find your booth to rent right away and get walk-ins you've never met by showing off your portfolio locally.

Simplify your search and choices.

  • Search for local and non local hairstylists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs, and makeup artists by keyword.
  • Locate, post, and browse booths for rent, their rental prices, and pictures of their business.
  • Follow your favorite professionals to see updates on their work.
  • Browse specials to catch a deal on a hair, nail, or skin service.
  • Share images to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Never have a slow day again.

  • Keep new and established clients by promoting your work by uploading and tagging pictures.
  • Upload examples of your range of work, talents and specials to followers.
  • Display your portfolio allowing new and established clients/followers to browse for your best work online.
  • Never lose a client again by moving as Styleteq will send them an alert by you changing address.

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We fill empty station space.

  • List and advertise your booth for rent.
  • List a station with our Booth Renter and hire professionals that have the credentials and clientele you're looking.
  • The application handles your booth in such a way that it is easy to see and contact you, the owner.

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Market yourself, build, and maintain your client base.

Connect with new and current clients with a few clicks of your smartphone.


Search and compare the same styles or cuts performed by different professionals searching by keyword.


Market yourself by uploading images of your range of talent to show potential clients all the things you can do. Upload and label your portfolio electronically.

Gain Clients

Have the potential to get more walk-ins by registering the location of your place of business and communicating with potential clients directly.

Booth for Rent

Owners, post your empty chair and stay filled to make sure you never miss booth rent again.


Want to know the popular place to go in your area? Browse trending local shops in your area to view décor and atmosphere.


Offer specials to followers so that you’ll never have another slow day.

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